Beginning in 2003, Adrian Trajstman started his own little internet pop band called "Talkshow Boy" under the net label, Pocketclock. With a quick, snappy and aggressive style of making his music, Talkshow Boy provides some of the most unique music I've heard, and a style that can't be replicated by many.

Adrian, sadly, never made it too terribly big with his music. This means that, while some of it is still easy to find on sites like Pocketclock and FreeMusicArchive, bits and pieces of Talkshow Boy's short-lived career are harder to find than others. I've seeked and salvaged every major piece of his music I could get, which are all 4 of his albums, 2 EPs, and 1 "album" of remixes by other people. I host it here in the hopes that this helps anyone unable to find some of his work.

Click on any one of the album covers to download them via Dropbox.

Some of these were damn abysmal to find. You guys are lucky.

perestroika love - 2003

Really long, really okay.

Blood-Sexy EP - 2003

Intense and good for just starting to get into TSB.

Ice Police - 2003

Just a single + Blood Squad. Both are catchy, I suppose.

Ice Police Rmxz - 2003

Experimental versions of Ice Police made by Adrian's friends and fellow Pocketclock members.

Watch As I Perform My Own Tracheotomy - 2004

One of my favorite albums of all time. Rough, but a must-listen.

Testosterone! - 2007

Most well-known Talkshow Boy album. Feels a bit too glossy sometimes.

Best Beast Ever - 2007

Rarest TSB album. Interesting, mature sound, but overall not as unique as others.

If I feel the need, I might activate full stalker mode and make a whole site about every single piece of information about Talkshow Boy. But as of now, his music is what's important.

Interested in what he's doing now? Check out the Melbourne Dance Music Association.

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